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The Somali Kitchen

Abbas Salah, I have to say I sympathise with the elderly Brit. I too can't resist xalwa. I've done the small bite, then another and then another too often walaalo! Thanks for stopping by and for sharing such a great story about xalwa.

Abbas Salah

So this elderly Brit walks into a Somali-owned xalwa joint in London one late afternoon. He and his wife ask about the various glut on display. They ask to try a bite of the xalwa which the elderly man finds absolutely delicious. He asks for another bite and another and another -- eventually consuming about a kilo of the sweet, much to the dismay of his concerned wife. Then, he asks the shopkeeper what it's made of. He's told basically sugar and oil. In utter horror, the man cries out: Oh, the two killers! Still, a nice way to go eh.

The Somali Kitchen

Hi Farrah, one method that always works for us is to cut up the xalwa into small portions and store them in a freezer bag and freeze! Remove what you need to use and defrost in the microwave. This way you have fresh tasting xalwa anytime you want it.


How can I keep my xalwa from becoming sugary when storing?

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