Mariam’s Super Smoothie

We went to my cousin Mariam’s house for lunch on a warm lazy Sunday afternoon. We had the typical Somali smorgasbord of various delicious dishes, but the standout for me was this amazing smoothie. It had celery, mint, mango, orange and tamarind – an unusual combination that just worked beautifully together. My son, who hates vegetables, gulped it down and asked for more!

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Mariam’s Super Smoothie

Recipe by:


I stick celery, chopped
I large mango
I orange
I tablespoon of tamarind paste (available in most Somali or Indian grocery stores)
Handful of mint
2 cups of water


Blend all the ingredients together and serve with a garnish of mint leaves.

Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 4 people

2 Responses to “Mariam’s Super Smoothie”

  1. Omar

    canbo iyo iyo liin dhanaan aan la shiidin(gacan lagu miiro) marka la isku daro waa one of my best drinks.


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