Vegetable Risotto

You show me one person who doesn’t love a good risotto and I will…okay I won’t do anything other than promise you that this version will convert them!

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Vegan Brown Rice Pilaf (Bariis Dalac)

Brown rice has never really been part of my diet, but after trying this delicious dish I knew it was going to be a regular part of my culinary repertoire. Its nutty goodness is a bonus too.

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Spicy Vegetable Hotpot

This vegetable hotpot is packed with goodness and is super tasty too. You literally chuck everything into one pot and cook away, making it one of the easiest dishes you could make.

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Macsharo Yariis (Mini Rice and Coconut Cakes)

These delicious bite sized rice cakes are a traditional Swahili breakfast and snack favourite, but I was delighted when I encountered them in the coastal cities of southern Somalia. They are crunchy outside, and soft and fragrant inside.

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Hummus with Tahini – tasty and filling

Rich, smooth, creamy, garlicky with a hint of spice – that’s how I like my hummus. Not only does it make a great protein-packed dip, but it can also be used to ‘butter’ your bread or used instead of mayo in a sandwich.

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Tofu, Sweet Potato, Red Kidney Bean and Spinach Salad

This salad is a complete meal in itself. It has protein galore in the shape of tofu and beans, iron-rich spinach and the sweet potato provides you with good carbs. Spices and herbs such as paprika, garlic, ginger, cumin, chilli and mint add a wonderful punch of flavour. Read more