Risotto vegetarian

Vegetable Risotto

You show me one person who doesn’t love a good risotto and I will…okay I won’t do anything other than promise you that this version will convert them!

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Vegan Brown Rice Pilaf

Vegan Brown Rice Pilaf (Bariis Dalac)

Brown rice has never really been part of my diet, but after trying this delicious dish I knew it was going to be a regular part of my culinary repertoire. Its nutty goodness is a bonus too.

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Bariis Huruud (Turmeric Rice)

This simple rice dish with its mix of spices and herbs reminds me why I love rice.  The turmeric is the hero in this dish – it not only gives the rice its lovely golden colour, but adds a wonderfully subtle earthy flavour.

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Rice Cake (Macsharo)

This recipe allows you to have your gluten free and dairy free cake and eat it too!  In Somali, we call the cake macsharo.  In Swahili it is called mkate wa sinia, which means ‘bread of the platter’ because it is traditionally made using a large platter called sinia.

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Vibibi (Rice Pancakes)

Soft, golden vibibi are a great gluten free alternative to the wheat pancakes that we commonly serve.  Vibibi are a breakfast favourite in our Somali kitchen.

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Bariis iskukaris

Bariis Iskukaris (Somali Rice with Spices)

Who doesn’t love the aroma of basmati rice laced with cardamom, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, tomatoes and garlic? The heady scent of the spices and the cooking rice always take me back to childhood memories of waiting impatiently for my mother to serve bariis iskukaris.

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