Kac Kac (Somali Beignet)

Kac Kac (pronounced ka’ka’) is a deep-fried bread, similar to a New Orleans beignet. It is prepared in every Somali household during the fasting month of Ramadan, Eid festivals and wedding ceremonies. These festivals were never the same without kac kac. It is also great served hot for breakfast.

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Hodan Nalayeh’s Canjeelo aka Canjeero aka Laxoox

Hodan Nalayeh is not only an internationally renown and respected media personality and public figure, this Somali-Canadian mother of two is also a passionate cook.

Despite a hectic schedule filming and broadcasting stories about Somalis from around the world on her much loved Integration TV, Hodan still finds time to cook up a storm in her kitchen. She shares her special canjeelo recipe with us. We tried it with a smear of nutella – delicious!

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Macsharo Yariis (Mini Rice and Coconut Cakes)

These delicious bite sized rice cakes are a traditional Swahili breakfast and snack favourite, but I was delighted when I encountered them in the coastal cities of southern Somalia. They are crunchy outside, and soft and fragrant inside.

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Malawax Hayl iyo Miracas (Cardamom Pancakes with Berries)

Pancakes and berries with cream is such an indulgent breakfast and one that I like to enjoy occasionally and not just for breakfast! I have spiced this recipe up with the addition of cardamom, which adds a wonderful scent and flavour.

This pancake recipe is different from the typical Somali malawax in that the mixture is thicker and the pancakes are fluffier.

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Somali Polenta Flat Bread (Muufo)

Traditionally, Somalis bake muufo in a special clay oven called tinaar that is heated by charcoal. The muufo is flattened and stuck on the walls of the tinaar. No oil is ever used. You know the muufo is ready when it falls off the wall.  Muufo is a wonderful bread to serve with soup or stew.

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Somali Kibhis

A healthy, unleavened bread that you can whip up in a jiffy.  Somali Kibhis is absolutely delicious when eaten piping hot from the pan with a curry.

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Rice Cake (Macsharo)

This recipe allows you to have your gluten free and dairy free cake and eat it too!  In Somali, we call the cake macsharo.  In Swahili it is called mkate wa sinia, which means ‘bread of the platter’ because it is traditionally made using a large platter called sinia.

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Vibibi (Rice Pancakes)

Soft, golden vibibi are a great gluten free alternative to the wheat pancakes that we commonly serve.  Vibibi are a breakfast favourite in our Somali kitchen.

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